Harvey Helpers

Harvey Helpers

Finding Hurricane Harvey Helpers and Volunteers

Hurricane Harvey Boat Helpers

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey Helpers

Hurricane Harvey is one of the largest hurricanes in the United States causing catastrophic damage to Texas and Louisiana. The heavy rains, high winds, storm surges, and flooding displaced millions and damaged thousands of properties.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), national guard, and military were actively involved in evacuation, rescue, and relief operations. The authorities are encouraging common people to help others in times of emergencies. The volume of help needed is overwhelming and the government agencies are unable to reach the demands.

The rate and speed with which a neighbor can reach out to a neighbor are faster than the 911 help because of the large number of calls placed during the hurricane. Harvey Helpers are needed on a regular basis to cope up with the recovery and relief efforts of Hurricane Harvey survivors.

Harvey Helpers can sign up through local charity or religious organizations.

Harvey Helpers

Hurricane Harvey Helpers are common people that are willing to get out and rescue the neighbors or random people. They don't need any registration or qualification to help out but just a strong desire to rescue the other person.

During the evacuation, general people with boats and other floatation devices have come up to the rescue of others. The hurricane emergency has led to all people reaching out to the next person's safety demonstrating a strong human connection.

Harvey Helpers have taken care of all affected including vulnerable people such as kids, seniors, disabled, and sick. Special boats and rescue teams were sent to rescue the pets that were left out during initial evacuation.

Cleanup Helpers

Hurricane Harvey Helpers are faced with huge debris and millions of tons of garbage during the cleanup. Individuals and businesses are facing the challenge of dumping the wastage. Local landfills are being used and there is a huge demand for the cleaners and drivers.

Hurricane Harvey Cleanup Helpers

Demolition of damaged buildings is another huge task that require Helpers. Licensed personnel are required for demolition. However, people are looking out for helpers that are skilled and can accomplish the task without hefty charges.

Rebuilding Helpers

Harvey Helpers are needed in rebuilding the communities. People form groups to build each others homes and thereby reducing the labor costs. Small home insurance companies are unable to process the huge number of flooding claims. Most are paying out of pocket to rebuild their lost homes and start from scratch.

Harvey Helpers form small taskforce for the rebuilding and work based on the priorities of the community. Medical facilities, schools, churches, and so on are some of the top areas in which Hurricane Harvey Helpers are working.

Hurricane Harvey Helpers can choose to help out in many ways including volunteering and donating.


Harvey Volunteers can sign up through a local or national charity to help in the Harvey affected areas. The centralized agencies can route the Harvey Helpers to appropriate place and task.

Volunteering tasks for Hurricane Harvey rebuilding could be cleaning, building, driving, counseling, helping with paperwork, filing assistance, medical help, legal help, and so on. Many people are unaware of the help available and networking is crucial.

Helping out at the hurricane shelters is also one of the ways to help. Providing accommodation for a neighbor or stranger while they are rebuilding is also another way to help. Finding Hurricane Workers and Harvey Jobs is a key challenge for local people. Taking calls to guide hurricane affected people is one of the ways to volunteer.

Time is the most valuable asset to share and volunteers can help out others in free time on a long term basis. Churches and other religious organizations recruit helpers for the relief work.

Look out for Harvey Helpers in your community and let others know as well.